EU Mushroom Identification Course

Mushroom Course

EU Mushroom Identification Course

This course gives you online lectures, video presentations and a final exam about how to identify the most common EU mushrooms.


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Content includes our: 

  • Gorgeous online lectures - created by our in-house specialist mycologist. 
  • Training videos - this course contains an array of our training videos which walks you through the most important points to know.
  • Online ebooks - including our own "short and sweet" reference document about how to identify the most common mushrooms with ease.
  • Wide subject range - 100's of funghi species are covered in this course with detailed pictures and videos about going on the hunt.
  • Foray maps - want some insider knowledge about where to find the best mushrooms? Look no further. We have maps galore about how to find the best mushrooms.
  • Specialist foray questions - we have been answering questions from student mushroom hunters for decades, we give you a list of all the most common questions and best answers.
  • Forums - our hugely popular subscriber forums.
  • Innovative question system - questions which are graded automatically with detailed feedback.
  • Track your progress - our system allows you to view your previous tests and compare grades with mushroomers.
  • Additional resources -  useful weblinks, tips and recommended reading - guiding you to the best resources!

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