Different mushrooms grow in different localities, this is because there are different environments which mushrooms are specifically suited for. Use the drop-down menu from the homepage to discover more about mushrooms in your area.

United States

In the United States mushroom picking is most popular in the Appalachian area and on the west coast from San Francisco Bay northward, in northern California, Oregon and Washington, and in many other regions.

United Kingdom

In Britain, mushroom hunters enjoy an extended average picking season of 75 days compared to just 33 in the 1950s.

European Union 

In Eastern European countries, mushroom picking is a common family activity. After a heavy rain during the mushroom season, whole families can be seen to venture into the nearest forest, picking arm fulls of mushrooms, which are cooked and eaten for dinner upon return or alternatively dried or marinated for later consumption.

Remember, whatever region you are picking mushrooms, permission to pick mushrooms is often required on:

  • Leased public land
  • Private land - unless you can get away with it!
Mushroom picking is NOT permitted on:
    • National or provincial parks
    • Federal defence lands
    • Protected areas such as ecological or special reserves
    • Recreation areas, including Forest Service recreation sites and trails

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