Kit List

Our Top 10 Mushroom Picking Kit Recommendations...

There are many helpful things to take with you whilst mushroom picking. However, it is often a good idea to make it as inconspicuous as possible as some forest management do not like overly enthusiastic mushroom pickers!

  1. Packed Lunch
  2. Wet weather clothes
  3. Waterproof walking boots
  4. Open weave basket (optional)
  5. Small brush
  6. Disposable gloves
  7. Plastic bags and kitchen roll
  8. Day sack with bottle of drinking water
  9. Cup, plate and cutlery in a bag
  10. Camera and notebook for record taking

Not always necessary, but the sign of a pro mushroom picker is a specialist mushroom knife. Mushroom knives often have long wooden handles, with a small curved blade for comfortable handling and thumb to blade action with the stems of mushrooms. In addition, some knives come with a little brush which is useful when uncovering dirty mushrooms. This is the one I own, it's a beaut!

Mushroom Hunting Knife


It is better not to carry a basket with you whilst hunting for mushrooms. In many forests around the world there are park rangers which are trained to looks for commercial mushroom pickers which go into woodland and pick mushrooms on an industrial scale. If you carry a mushroom basket yourself, they may identify you as one of these mushroom hoarders and ban you from entering. If you want to bring something to carry the mushrooms you pick, bring a plastic bag with ventilation holes (this will let the mushrooms breathe and stop them from going mouldy) and can be easily hidden.

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