Mushroom Seasons

Foraging for fungi in September and October when the sun was still high in the sky used to be the norm. However, the recent trend of warm, dry autumns and mild early winters is changing the calendar. November has now become the mushroom month. 

In a mild winter, mushrooms can still be found in January and February and, with the possible exception of March, some mushroom seasons can continue all year. This odd behaviour is almost entirely down to rain. If it rains you will likely get mushrooms, though you will get many more if it is autumn rain. There are some exceptions however:

NameTypeSeason StartSeason End
St Georges mushroomEdibleAprilMay
Fairy Ring ChampignonsEdibleAprilAugust
Chicken of the WoodsEdibleJulyAugust
Oyster MushroomsEdibleAll yearAll year
Wood EarsEdibleAll yearAll year
Red Staining InocybePoisonousAprilNovember
Sulphur TuftsPoisonousAll yearAll year
Verdigris AgaricPoisonousAprilNovember

More specifically, the seasonality of mushrooms in the UK has been compiled in the table below.

UK Mushroom Seasons

In summary, in the UK/US/EU the following mushrooms come in and out of season...


Bay Bolete (Aug-Nov)

Beef Steak Fungus (Jul-Oct)

Blusher (Jun-Oct) - Edible after cooking

Cep (Aug-Nov)

Chanterelle (Jun-Nov)

Charcoal Burner (Aug-Nov)

Clouded Agaric (Sep-Nov)

Common Puffball (Jul-Oct)

Common Yellow Russula (Sep-Nov)

Deceiver (Aug-Nov)

Field Mushroom (Jul-Oct)

Giant Puffball (July-Sep)

Hedgehog Fungus (Aug-Nov)

Hen of the Woods (Jul-Oct)

Honey Fungus (Aug-Nov)

Horse Mushroom (Aug-Oct)

Meadow Puffball (Jul-Oct)

Parasol (July-Oct)

Shaggy Inkcap (dfg)

Shaggy Parasol (July-Oct)

Trumpet Chanterelle (Sep-Nov)


Brown Roll Rim (Aug-Nov)

Butter Cap (Sep-Nov)

Common Earthball (Sep-Nov)

Death Cap (Aug-Sep) - Deadly

Destroying Angel (Aug-Sep) - Deadly

False Chanterelle (Aug-Nov)

Fly Agaric (Aug-Nov)

Fool's Funnel (Aug-Nov) - Deadly

Funeral Bell (Aug-Nov) - Deadly

Hare's Foot Inkcap (Jun-Nov)

Ivory Funnel (Aug-Nov) - Deadly

Magpie Inkcap (Aug-Nov)

Panther Cap (Aug-Nov)

Poison Pie (Aug-Nov)

Shaggy Scalycap (Sep-Nov)

Sickener (July-Oct)

Sulphur Tuft (All year)

Sweet Poison Pie (Aug-Nov)

Yellow Stainer (Jun-Oct)

Angel's Bonnet (Sep-Dec)

Tawny Funnel (Sep-Nov / sometimes Jan & Feb)

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