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It's very hard to identify mushrooms from photographs alone. Our admin team want to understand things like how the gills are attached, the color of the spore print, the aroma, the substrate, the geographic location, and geeky things like whether there is an amyloid reaction in Melzer's reagent. Because of all this, and because our tutor mushroom ID expertise is confined to our own bioregion, we cannot offer edibility information based on emailed photos, however we are more than willing to try, contact us via our contact us page and we will do the best we can!
A mushroom is only part of the Fungi story. Like an iceberg only a small proportion is shown on the surface, dig down deeper and you will find the mycelium.
You may be able to find a mycology class at your local college (if you're lucky). You could join a mushroom club (especially if you're hungry. A club is a good way to find others who might usefully agree that something you're about to eat isn't fatally poisonous). You could get a couple of good field guides. But a subscription to, gives you access to an online tutor who can ask all of your questions, give you online videos and lectures so that when you eventually do go out on a mushroom hunt you have some basic knowledge of what to look for. The online course are not provided as a complete reference but as a starting point for your entry into the world of mycology.